Teaching in Bournemouth in April

11. April 2018

The first module of the new IAVC - Animal Chiropractic Basic Course in Bournemouth is starting 2nd week of April at the AECC. Happy to teach there again.


Saddlefit 4 Life Vet Special Course

25th - 28th of January 2018

From 25th - 28th of January I have been attending a Saddlefit 4 Life Vet Special Course with Jochen Schleese in Frankfurt/Germany.

The topics: saddle fitting and saddle fit, the difference between male and female anatomy and the consequences for rider and horse... and so much more...

It was a great course, practical, informative, eye opening how may problems non fitting saddles can result in, and why different saddles for men and women make so much sense!